A 23-year-old woman was euthanized on May 7 in Belgium.

On March 22, 2016, she was at Brussels-National airport and was about to fly on a school trip when terrorists had detonated their explosives.

Shanti De Corte was not physically injured but has since suffered from psychological after-effects, reports RTBF.

Then aged 17, she had first been taken care of by a psychologist, then in psychiatry.

The teenager had finally been interned a few weeks after the fact.

A process that Shanti De Corte knew, since she had already made several stays in this Antwerp psychiatric structure.

Very heavy medication

There, she indulged in confidences on her Facebook profile, explaining in particular: “I receive several drugs for breakfast.

And up to 11 antidepressants a day.

I could not live without it ".

Or again: “With all the medication I take, I feel like a ghost who no longer feels anything.

There were perhaps other solutions than drugs.


Finally returned home, the young woman had made a new suicide attempt in 2020. She then took more and more drugs.

The situation had quickly worried those around him.

Five of her friends, also present during the attack, had followed a therapeutic week organized in Ostend by another victim of the attacks.

The group had quickly discussed with the organizer the situation of their girlfriend.

“I will now leave in peace”

One of the Ostend therapists had therefore offered care to the young woman, by writing to her psychiatrist.

But the latter would have replied that the young woman was "not interested in [the] proposal".

Finally, in too great pain, the student had made several requests for euthanasia for unalterable psychiatric suffering.

One of them was finally accepted.

Just before her death, Shanti De Corte left a last message on her Facebook wall: “I laughed and I cried.

Until the very last day.

I loved and I was allowed to feel what true love was.

I will now leave in peace.

Know that I miss you already.


“There was nothing to lose by accepting the care offered by the Ostend therapeutic team,” said a neurologist.

According to several sources, a judicial investigation would have been opened by the Antwerp prosecutor's office, which did not confirm.


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