China News Agency, Beijing, October 5th. Stockholm news: On the 5th local time, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced that it will award the 2022 Nobel Prize in Chemistry to American scientists Carolyn R. Bertozzi and Karl Barry. K. Barry Sharpless and Danish scientist Morten Meldal for their contributions to the development of click chemistry and bioorthogonal chemistry.

  "The role of chemistry is amazing, and sometimes the simple answer is the best." The Nobel committee said in the award speech that Sharpless and Meldal were awarded the 2022 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for bringing chemistry into function In the era of ideology, the foundation of click chemistry has been laid, which is widely used in drug research and development, DNA positioning, new material synthesis and other fields.

Sharing the award with them, Bertozzi took click chemistry to new heights and began using it to map biomolecules on the surface of cells, and her bioorthogonal reactions are now used in many areas, including aiding in more targeted cancer treatment.

  The three winners will share the prize of 10 million Swedish kronor (about 6.52 million yuan).

  Sharpless was born in Philadelphia in 1941 and received his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1968. He is currently a chair professor at the Scripps Research Institute.

In 2001, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his contributions to "asymmetric epoxidation (AE) and asymmetric dihydroxylation (AD) reactions of alkenes".

In November 2019, he was elected as a foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

  Meldal was born in Denmark in 1954 and is a professor at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

  Bertozzi was born in the United States in 1966 and is a professor at Stanford University in the United States.

She won the Wolf Prize, known as the "Nobel Prize Weathervane", in February this year.

She is the eighth female scientist to win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry since its establishment.