China News Service, Guiyang, October 5th, title: Ma Zhiming, a Guizhou firefighter who went on an expedition for the country: self-confidence is a sense of honor bestowed by China Fire Protection

  Author Yuan Chao

  On the evening of October 4th, local time, the temperature in Samarkand, Uzbekistan plummeted. The joy of standing on the international podium with teammates has diminished the stinging pain in the knee caused by the cooling of Chinese firefighter Ma Zhiming, dressed in Chinese red. With matching clothes and a trophy in hand, Ma Zhiming asked his teammates to take pictures for him. For the 26-year-old "veteran" who has participated in two consecutive international events, he is extremely proud at this moment.

The picture shows the firefighters of the Chinese national team singing the national anthem before the game.

Photo courtesy of Guizhou Fire Rescue Corps

  The 17th World Fire and Rescue Championship kicked off on October 1 at the Afrosib Stadium in Samarkand. Firefighters and rescuers from China and other countries competed together.

  One of the Chinese Fire Team is a firefighter from the grassroots level in Guizhou, Ma Zhiming. On the field, he fought with his teammates to create good results one after another.

  On the afternoon of October 4, although the city of Samarkand was still windy, the sunshine in the sky added a little warmth.

In the afrosib stadium, seven Chinese firefighters in red and blue sports uniforms touched the national flag on their chests with their right hands and sang the national anthem of the People's Republic of China.

At the end of the appearance ceremony, Ma Zhiming and his teammates turned their gazes resolutely towards the arena behind them...

  When the gun was fired, the Chinese team rushed to the equipment department.

After starting the motor pump and connecting the suction pipe, Ma Zhiming ran towards the target with the water bag. During this period, he completed the action of laying the water supply main line and erecting the water divider in the fast running.

With the hose between the legs, holding the head of the water gun, focusing on the bullseye, shooting out of the water, shooting accurately.

  In a short period of time, in the face of the interlocking competition, the Chinese team's entire action was smooth and smooth, and they successfully won the third place in the group.

The picture shows Ma Zhiming put out the fire in the oil pool with a fire extinguisher during the relay race.

Photo courtesy of Guizhou Fire Rescue Corps

  Ma Zhiming covered his face and choked up.

Mei Huaxiang has come from the bitter cold. In the past few years of training, he has constantly challenged himself and has been running in countless times with his teammates.

On the field of "sword drawn", he said that he always has a belief in his heart: as long as the suffering is not fatal, he must struggle to stand up in the mud and charge forward fearlessly.

  In 2018, Ma Zhiming resolutely joined the Chinese fire rescue team and became a member of the fire rescue detachment of Tongren City, Guizhou Province.

In the daily firefighting and rescue, he is the "number one" of the team, always charging at the forefront.

From a grassroots firefighter to now representing China twice in the World Fire and Rescue Championship.

Such a strong ability, Ma Zhiming said, mainly comes from his usual perseverance.

  In the 4×100m fire relay race held on October 3, local time, Ma Zhiming, the fourth runner, bit the baton with his teeth after taking over the baton, held a fire extinguisher and ran towards the burning oil pool, approaching the oil pool, he was in a hurry Stop, use the fire extinguisher at the oil pool to put out the fire, he is like an arrow from the string, breaking through the smoke of the oil pool site, and galloping towards the finish line.

The picture shows Ma Zhiming sprinting.

Photo courtesy of Guizhou Fire Rescue Corps

  The 100-meter sprint is Ma Zhiming's forte. During the trials, he stood out from hundreds of firefighters in various provinces in China.

But the 4×100-meter fire relay race is completely different from the relay races that everyone is familiar with on weekdays.

"It's not just running, but the correct completion of the maneuver while ensuring the speed. The test is the speed, skill and tacit cooperation of the firefighters." Ma Zhiming introduced that the first contestant had to use the horizontal bar ladder to cross the board room, the second The first contestant must climb over the obstacle board, the third contestant must hold two reels of water hose, quickly cross the single-plank bridge and complete the connection of the water belt, and the fourth contestant must hold a fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire in the oil pool and then rush to the finish line.

  26-year-old Ma Zhiming put in a lot of effort in order to practice the fourth club in charge.

During training, he can use more than 20 fire extinguishers in one day, and a fire extinguisher weighs 5 kg to 6 kg.

During this period, it has become common to be burned to the eyebrows and eyelashes, and there are large and small burn scars on Ma Zhiming's left wrist.

The picture shows Ma Zhiming training with his teammates.

Photo courtesy of the interviewee

  "Sometimes I even flip my fingernails during training." Ma Zhiming can easily ignore this kind of heart-wrenching pain.

It is said to be competitive, but in fact, he also carries a lot of pressure in his heart. Whenever he is too tired to persevere, he always creates a space for relief that belongs to him, and encourages himself by listening to songs.

  The lyrics sing, "He said that the pain in the wind and rain is nothing, wipe away your tears, don't be afraid, at least we still have a dream." Winning glory for the country is the dream shared by Ma Zhiming and his teammates.

Although high-intensity training will inevitably bring fatigue and pain, it does not affect their enjoyment of competing with their opponents in the arena. Regardless of their ranking, they have left a mark of fighting for their motherland on the arena.

The picture shows Ma Zhiming in training.

Photo courtesy of the interviewee

  In 2019, the 15th World Fire Rescue Championship was held in Saratov, the capital of Saratov State, Russia. 12 members of the Chinese team, including Ma Zhiming, participated in the competition on behalf of the Chinese fire rescue team, which is also the Chinese fire team. After the transformation, he made his debut in the international fire and rescue arena.

  At the 17th World Fire Rescue Championship, Ma Zhiming was more confident in his heart this time. He said frankly that he was deeply impressed by the continuous enhancement of China's fire rescue capabilities, both in terms of equipment update and rescue technology.

"Confidence is not derived from how fast I can run, but the sense of honor bestowed by the entire Chinese firefighting system." (End)