Ukraine: Iranian-made suicide drones crash near kyiv

A building destroyed by Russian and Iranian drones after an airstrike on Bila Tserkva, southwest of kyiv, October 5, 2022, © REUTERS - GLEB GARANICH

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In Ukraine, while the kyiv army continues to advance on the eastern and southern fronts, the struggling Russian army nevertheless continues to pose a threat to the towns in the center of the country.

On Wednesday morning, October 5, in the kyiv region, in Bila Tserkva, the Russian army struck military installations, very far from the front, using Iranian-made drones.


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With our correspondent in Kiev


Stéphane Siohan

Twelve drones flew over Bila Tserkva, a garrison town about 90 kilometers south of kyiv, on Wednesday, October 5, at around two in the morning.

Six of them were shot down by the anti-aircraft defense, but six others crashed into the headquarters of the 72nd Mechanized Brigade, located in the center of town.

The damage is considerable, at least five buildings were destroyed, while only one soldier was injured in the attack.

Findings on the spot indicate that the strike was carried out with Iranian-made suicide drones.

The wreckage reads “Geran-2”;

the name in the Russian army of Iranian drones of the Shahed-136 type.

However, in recent weeks, Iran has provided the Russian army with several hundred of these kamikaze drones, which have also been used in Odessa and Mykolaiv. 

Rather difficult to detect by the anti-aircraft defense, they allow the Russian army to continue to strike very far from the front lines.

And to save the Caliber type cruise missiles, of which 60% of the available stocks would have already been used. 

The Iranian Foreign Minister on Wednesday denied the information, saying that the information on the delivery of Iranian drones to Russia was "



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