China News Service, October 5th. According to comprehensive British media reports, on October 5th, local time, British Prime Minister Truss delivered the first Conservative Party meeting speech.

She said she would move forward with her plans, adding that she was ready to make tough choices.

On September 6, local time, Elizabeth Truss delivered her first speech since becoming the new British Prime Minister in front of the Prime Minister's Office in London.

  In her speech, Truss reportedly defended her commitment to cutting taxes to promote "growth, growth, growth," while acknowledging her U-turn on plans for a 45 percent top income tax rate and insisting Said she was "in step" with the chancellor.

  She told the meeting that the government needs to step up its response to the challenges of the new era, including the Ukraine crisis, the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic and the global economic crisis.

  In her speech, Truss said she would move forward with her plan and that the government would also speed up road, rail and energy construction.

"I'm ready to make tough choices and you can trust me I'll do it all. The status quo is not an option for us."

  Truss hinted that upheaval was coming, saying "as long as there is change, there will be disruption."

Not everyone will support her plan, but everyone will benefit, she added.

"We have to stay the course," Truss concluded.

  According to the analysis, the speech brought together some of the most popular comments from Truss in the past few weeks.

There were no new policies and no surprises in the speech.

After the tumultuous past few days, she's focused on pitching her economic vision and convincing people that it will work.

  The biggest question now is whether the public will accept the plan, according to reports.

Whether Truss' assurances were enough to get "backbenchers" on her side.

  The poll, on the other hand, showed that only 14% of respondents to a survey of 1,751 British adults conducted on October 1-2 said they had a favorable view of the new Conservative leader, compared with about 73% Their view of the prime minister is negative.