If the Sweden Democrats have a "determining influence" over the Fundraising Foundation for Swedish Conservatism, ISK, the arrangement is against the law according to the experts the TV program spoke to.

Another one of ISK's board members can, as an SD employee, be linked directly to the party.

- The connection to the Sweden Democrats is so strong that it must be considered that the Sweden Democrats have a controlling influence over the foundation, says Claes Sandgren, professor emeritus of political science at Stockholm University, to Kalla Fakta.

Denies party influence

Mattias Karlsson says that the experts Kalla Fakta spoke to are wrong because the board members were not appointed by SD.

- We have three lawyers who have conducted a legal investigation into this, who have independently reached the same conclusion, says Mattias Karlsson to Kalla fakta and continues:

- It is not that the party has any influence or insight into this business, says Mattias Karlsson.