China News Service, Wuzhou, October 5th, Question: Zhu Xuelan: No one will be left behind on the road of happiness

  China News Service reporter Zhang Guangquan

  "I am the daughter of Dashan and a member of the Communist Party of China. It is my lifelong pursuit to let the villagers live a good life without worry about food and clothing, and not let anyone fall behind on the road to happiness." Liubao, Cangwu County, Wuzhou City, Guangxi Zhu Xuelan, secretary of the Party branch of Zhenshanping Village, said in an interview with a reporter from recently.

  Shanping Village is located in the northwest of Liubao Town, the "Hometown of Famous Tea in China". It belongs to the mountainous village inhabited by the ethnic minority Yao people.

  I wish Xue Lan grew up here.

In her young memory, the ancestors have lived a life of almost isolation from the rest of the world.

Every time she entered the city, she had to walk over mountains and mountains for a long time. The poor life and difficult environment made her secretly make up her mind to learn the skills and return to her hometown to do her best to change the plight of her hometown.

Zhu Xuelan (right) led the local villagers to pick green tea.

Photo by Zhang Hewen

  In 2008, with the expectation of the whole village, Zhu Xuelan became the Party branch secretary of Shanping Village.

The first thing I did after taking office was to build roads for the village.

As the saying goes: "To get rich, build roads first." Zhu Xuelan ran back and forth between the relevant departments at the city and county levels, and after various coordination, finally achieved the implementation of the project.

In order to save money, she led the young and middle-aged people of the whole village into battle, carried forward the pioneering spirit of party members, opened mountains, dug soil, paved roads, and built a road to prosperity to the villagers' doorsteps.

  After the road was repaired, in order to change the poor and backward appearance of the village, Zhu Xuelan locked the business opportunity on the famous Liu Pao Tea.

Liu Pao tea is a well-known dark tea in China, and its production process is listed in the fourth batch of representative projects of national intangible cultural heritage.

  Wuzhou Liubao Town is rich in Liubao tea. The town has grown Liubao tea in the deep mountains for 1,500 years.

During the reign of Emperor Jiaqing in the Qing Dynasty, Liu Pao Tea was selected as one of the 24 famous teas in China for its "red, strong, old, mellow" and its unique fragrance of betel nut. It was exported to Southeast Asian countries and Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. Tea".

  "There has always been a tradition of growing Liu Pao tea in the village, but it used to be scattered by various families, and it was not on a large scale." In 2019, Zhu Xuelan led the villagers to transform 300 mu of low-yield tea gardens, and then expanded them to more than 300 mu.

Faced with the problem of different tea-making methods and uneven quality of tea from each household in Shanping Village, Zhu Xuelan also taught the people the Liubao tea-making process handed down from her ancestors for free.

  In order to open up sales, Zhu Xuelan took the lead in setting up a cooperative to "connect" with villagers to plant and process tea, and "pull" merchants to buy tea.

Under her leadership, Liubao Tea has become a new source of economic income for the Yao compatriots in Shanping Village, and helped the local people take off the poverty hat.

  In May 2018, Zhu Xuelan registered the brand of "Zhu Xuelan Yunwu Liubao Tea". With the support of technology and brand, the price of Liubao tea in Shanping Village has been rising year by year. Sheqian tea has risen from 300 yuan per kilogram in 2013 to about 1,000 yuan. .

  "At present, the annual per capita income of villagers has increased from more than 5,000 yuan to more than 21,000 yuan. In the past, young people in the village went out to work, but now everyone stays in the village to grow and make tea. Because the quality of tea is good, there is no need to worry about sales. Every year during the tea harvest season, the buyer's trolley fills the yard and road in front of my house." During the interview, Zhu Xuelan also received order calls from buyers from time to time.

  "With the promotion of improved varieties and mechanization, there is no need to worry about selling good tea leaves, and there are more and more farmers who grow tea." As the non-genetic inheritor of the production skills of Liubao tea at the level of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Zhu Xuelan will set up training courses in her own tea garden every year. More than 3 times, the production skills of Liubao tea were taught to the Yao compatriots in Shanping Village, so that a single leaf could benefit more people.

  "As long as there is tea, the villagers don't have to worry about returning to poverty. Tea is the golden leaf of our Yao village." Zhu Xuelan said.

  The villagers are rich, the industry is prosperous, and the village must be prosperous.

"If the tea culture, Yao culture, and tourism industry can be combined to develop, and the rural revitalization can be boosted by eco-tourism with national characteristics, it should be a very good development direction." A new way to develop: On the green tea hills, with nearly ten million yuan of project support funds won, build a wind and rain plank road and a sightseeing pavilion; cooperate with a company in Shenzhen to jointly develop an original ecological tourism and vacation project integrating homestays, tea gardens, etc. ...

Zhu Xuelan led the local villagers to pick green tea.

Photo by Zhang Hewen

  "In the next step, we plan to combine the Liubao tea culture with the Yao culture, tap the potential tourism resources in the village, and show the new rural appearance of Shanping Village and the new image of Yaozhai," said Zhu Xuelan.

  Today's Shanping Village has more and more convenient transportation, and the village has a new look. Liubao tea has implemented standardized production, and introduced companies to build a tea tourism complex. Many tourists come here, and the villagers' life has become more and more prosperous. , The beautiful picture of rural revitalization in Luqiang Village and Wenhou Village is slowly unfolding.

  "I feel a great responsibility to be elected as the representative of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. I will do my best to lead the villagers to continuously develop and grow the Liubao tea industry, and lead the villagers to achieve common prosperity." As the representative of the 20th National Congress of the Party, Zhu Xuelan will never forget My original intention, "I will spend the rest of my life in rural revitalization and lead the Yao people to live a happier life." (End)