After the election, it was clear that the Social Democrats would retain power in Malmö, and that there would be a row-green majority - but the question of who the Social Democrats would govern with has been unclear - until now.

The Liberals in Malmö had a meeting on Wednesday evening to decide on two alternatives that came to the party.

Now a large majority of the party's members have chosen to accept the Social Democrats' proposal and thus speaks volumes for Malmö continuing to be governed by the Social Democrats and the Liberals.

- It is clear that our members wanted to go with the Social Democrats' proposal and we are satisfied that we will get a lot of liberal policies through, says Michael Högberg, the chairman of the Liberals in Malmö to SVT Nyheter Skåne after the meeting.

Can it be interpreted as that the proposal from the Social Democrats gave you more influence than the proposal from the Moderates?


Yes, you could say that.

The Left Party is the party that has grown the most in Malmö this election, and they have said that they wanted to be involved in governing during this term, but the Social Democrats have thus chosen to start cooperation with L and MP.

Together, the Social Democrats would have their own red-green majority together with the Left Party and the Green Party, but instead there will be a government together with the Liberals and the Green Party.

Photo: SVT