- While the clock was pointing to about one after midday on Wednesday, dozens of occupation soldiers and military vehicles were surrounding the home of the family of the Palestinian resistance fighter Salman Ahmed Omran (Abu Ahmed) in the village of Deir al-Hatab, east of Nablus. Without warning, the occupying soldiers opened fire Their guns towards the besieged house.

In the besieged house, there was only the resistance fighter Omran (33 years old), his wife, three children and his mobile phone, through which he shouted with a burning heart, conveying his message to the outside world and identifying himself, saying, “I am Salman Omran, trapped inside the house, young men, forgive us all, and whoever was able to come to help us, let him do so, we ask God to do so. Acceptance, and we ask God for martyrdom.”

He repeated this 3 times before sending another message, wishing that his wife and children would be martyrs, and called on "everyone" not to abandon the homeland, "the homeland is not mine alone, the homeland is for everyone, and Israel occupied our land for all of us."

Imran’s words did not run out, as his ammunition ran out, so one of his messages carried a warning - amid screams and exclamations - that his bullets would end without being able to save himself or inflict the largest losses among the aggressor soldiers, to remain engaged with them for more than 3 hours, and in every bullet fired by Yazid the occupation The noose is more and more the coming military tide of the occupation soldiers from all the surrounding military points.

Occupation forces surrounded the house of the family of the prisoner Salman Omran in Deir al-Hatab, east of Nablus (French)

comrades of duty

While Imran continues his resistance from inside the house, other resistance fighters clashed with the occupation soldiers at the entrance to the village of Deir al-Hatab and the surrounding area, killing Alaa Zaghal, 21, and wounding 6 civilians, including Imran's brother Salah, and two journalists, and about 50 suffocated with tear gas.

Regarding what happened, Yasser, uncle of the captive Omran, says that the occupation army surrounded the house from all sides and started shooting towards the house where his nephew, his wife and three children were in, refusing all attempts made by the family to pressure him to surrender, "but he brought a huge bulldozer and started demolishing parts of the home".

In the midst of all this, and after about 3 hours of clashing and maneuvering, "and running out of ammunition" - as his uncle Yasser says - Imran responded to the pressures of his uncle and his mother, who exhausted all her energy to convince him, and he refused, and turned himself in "and he was wounded by shrapnel." After his arrest, the soldiers stormed the house and searched it completely, Before they bring Imran again and bring him into the house with them and search him again.

Happened 20 years ago

In the wake of the bullets and the clash, the eastern region of Nablus, especially the village of Deir al-Hatab, from which the captive Omran hails, witnessed the memory of an armed clash waged by the martyr Hamed Ezzat Omran, 40, who is the uncle of this captive, in 2002 with the occupation soldiers at the bypass road that connects the perched settlement of “Alon Moreh” On the lands of the village and neighboring villages.

For a period of time, the clash of the martyr Hamed continued before he was martyred, then Nur al-Din Imran, the prisoner’s brother, clashed with stones with the occupation army. He is 12 years old on Al-Quds Street in Nablus, and he was martyred in 2003, and by his uncle and brother, as well as his father, Ahmed Ezzat Omran, he received it in 1989 In his hometown Deir al-Hatab.

The occupation army surrounded the house and started shooting towards the house where Imran, his wife and three children were (French)

The disappeared stalker, the fierce stalker, and the son of the "den"

Before this clash, no one would have known that Imran, his eldest brother, a graduate of interior engineering in 2011 and a vehicle dealer (his recent work), was “wanted by the occupation,” but was “visible to people publicly during the day, and no one knew anything about him,” says his uncle.

Before the occupation media came out and after the Yom Kippur ended, accusing him of being an activist in the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), and saying that Imran was “suspected of shooting at a vehicle and a bus of settlers near his village a few days ago,” the resistance “Aren Al-Aswad” announced that he was one of its sons.

And she testified to him in a statement - a copy of which was received by Al-Jazeera Net - that he was the "interlocking stalker" and the best and fiercest of men "who fought to the last bullets" and that he did not surrender himself except under duress, and after running out of ammunition and saving his family, "I left with my head held high, believing in God's judgment and destiny."

In 2004, Omran was first arrested by the Israeli occupation, and he was sentenced to two years in prison, then he was arrested 3 times, the most prominent of which was in 2015, where he spent two and a half years, while his arrests and summons exceeded the Palestinian security services, which seemed to be resentful of their behavior in pursuit of him and others in his voice messages before Arrested today, 6 times.

As soon as the clash ended and the occupation army withdrew, Imran’s family went out looking for the details of the clash, and replayed the scene and narrate it to the people and journalists who flocked from everywhere, while the crowds around the house chanted, “Oh Abu Ahmed, hero, conqueror of the imprisoned,” and he is really “omnipotent and stubborn,” as he says One of his companions is in prison.