Guinea: procedural disputes at the September 28 trial

Dadis Camara in the center of the photo during the reading of the indictment at the opening of the trial of the massacre of September 28, 2009. © Matthias Raynal/RFI

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The trial of the September 28, 2009 massacres in Conakry, Guinea continues.

The head of the junta at the time, Moussa Dadis Camara, is in the dock.

The trial opened on September 28, in the presence of the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and resumed on Tuesday, October 4, until nightfall.

The defense lawyers invoked security risks for the former leader and wanted him to be given a villa and to live there throughout the trial under house arrest.


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With our correspondent in Conakry,

Mouctar Bah

Barely opened, the hearing quickly descended into procedural disputes that lasted all day before the hearing was adjourned at nightfall.

Defense lawyers have asked for consideration for Captain Dadis Camara, a former Guinean president who they say is not safe in prison.


 President Moussa Dadis Camara is arbitrarily detained in prison at the central house on the basis of a simple letter

," said Me Antoine Pépé Lamah.

And yet, in matters of criminal procedure, one can only be detained and detained at the central house by virtue of a title of a title of detention. 


Good right


For Me Hamidou Barry, one of the lawyers for the civil parties, the accused should not be housed anywhere but in prison: "

 The trial court has the power to keep the accused in detention until the trial ends. .

And to my understanding, we are before the trial court in criminal matters.

So it is right that the accused are in prison and there they are safe. 


Not guilty

Me Martin Pradel, another lawyer for the civil parties, goes further: " 

It is not because one of the defendants was an important man, because he took power that he has more rights than any another Guinean to be tried under given conditions 


Before the trial bogged down, the court had time to ask a single question to Colonel Moussa Thiègboro Camara who indicated that he will plead not guilty.

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