Palmer Loki, a billionaire who turned 30 last September, is described by the American press as a genius in the world of virtual reality.

Innovatorsunder 35 published a report telling the story of Palmer Lokey, describing him as a self-taught technological miracle.

The report notes that Luke studied at home under the care of his mother in Long Beach, California, and took his first engineering lessons while working in cars with his father.

Loki began his career by building things like high-powered lasers and coil guns that fire high-speed projectiles using electromagnets, and in his mid-teens he upgraded old gaming consoles with miniature electronics to make them portable.

He also created the virtual reality glasses "Oculus Rift" when he was only 16 years old, which caught the attention of Mark Zuckerberg.

Later, Palmer Loki founded an artificial intelligence startup, and it was only years before he was able to sell this virtual reality startup Oculus VR to Facebook for $2 billion in 2014.

Palmer wanted to invest this money in establishing his new company, Anduril, which works in the field of defense technology and also depends on the employment of artificial intelligence, and Palmer sought through this company to manufacture weapons of the future.

The report points to the way Loki set out to build those weapons, which is key to understanding what distinguishes his company. Andorel - which generated revenues estimated at $150 million last year - has developed much of its technology at its own expense, a high-risk bet that shows how it works. Usually by military contractors.

Instead of waiting for the Department of Defense to launch a multi-year process to determine technical requirements and invite bids to develop prototypes, Anduril goes ahead and builds weapons and surveillance systems that it believes the government will want as long as it works. We'll be the first to think of it."

A military surveillance aircraft produced by Andorell Corporation (American press)

The report explains that Andorell has two projects that they haven't talked about before, a fast-armed drone that Lucky says is intended in some cases to replace piloted fighters in a mission to intercept violators of the air zone, and then there is a large unmanned surveillance aircraft designed to launch and land vertically (which It does not require a runway) and can fly long distances independently, making it seem suitable for large areas.

And another report written by Jeremy Bojaysky, published in the famous American magazine "Forbes", reviewed that Palmer has more innovations as his company manufactures a complex simulation tool equipped with a video game engine that is a studio intended to allow the Department of Defense to run thousands of "what" scenarios. Low’s quick overview of how conflicts occur, which can be viewed using virtual reality, and can be used through goggles or on regular screens.

In 2017, Andorell made a sale to the Customs and Border Service, which includes guard towers that automatically detect people and vehicles crossing the border illegally, and exempts agents from many routine patrols.

In 2020, the department awarded Anduril a contract worth up to $250 million.

And last January, Anduril recorded its largest operation to date, a contract to take charge of US Special Operations Command's drone defenses that could be worth about $1 billion over 10 years. The Pentagon is keen to link all of its weapons and surveillance systems together to create a unified and coordinated view of the battlefield from afar, while simultaneously resisting hacking and jamming. The program is called Joint Domain Command and Control, or JADC Two. TWO).

Andorell and others, including Blantyre and California-based Redwood City, are vying for tens of billions of dollars in potential spending.

And in a 2020 Air Force experiment, Andorell integrated radar with its sensor towers to detect incoming cruise missiles and automatically direct targeting data to multiple weapon systems, including the F-16, to shoot them down. Remarkably, the system required only one pilot oversight.