While the Russian parliament ratified the annexation of the Ukrainian territories, the French National Assembly held its first session after the summer break.

In Paris, the war is at the top of the agenda.

France, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne said, insists that Russian war crimes be "documented, tried and punished".

She mentioned the abduction of parts of the population, especially children, and the attacks on schools, hospitals and shopping centers.

Borne announced further arms deliveries and promised that French families hosting Ukrainians would be given financial support - so far there is only money for the refugees, and it is never enough.

Juerg Altwegg

Freelance writer in the feuilleton.

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She did not speak of the media.

She too had been written to by the "Comité Diderot", which monitors the distribution of Russian propaganda and the role of the French satellites.

It wants the French satellite operator Eutelsat to remove Russian propaganda channels from its service.

Eutelsat feeds Putin's lies and threats to the occupied territories and large parts of Russia.

Reporters Without Borders recently endorsed the demands of the Comité Diderot and took them to the French media regulator Arcom.

Moderate socialists take the toughest stance

For the upcoming debate in Parliament, only Macron's "Renaissance" and the Socialists have submitted their proposals in writing.

It is about Ukraine's sovereignty and sanctions against Russia, which both parties support.

André Lange, co-founder and spokesman of the Comité Diderot, expressed his disappointment at the opinion of the Renaissance MPs: They were pleased that the European Court of Justice had approved the ban on "RT".

They underlined the need to fight disinformation, which is one of "the most important weapons" in this war.

"But not a word about Eutelsat," comments Lange.

He was amazed and delighted by the Socialists' petition.

In parliament, you belong to the radical left-wing alliance "Nupes", the vast majority of which fraternises with Putin.

The moderate socialists surprisingly take the hardest stance of any party towards Russia.

They advocate a ban on the import of oil, coal, gas, iron and wood.

French luxury products should not be sold in Russia.

They are demanding that Eutelsat shut down all channels linked to the Russian government.

The media regulator should order this.

André Lange expects a tortuous explanation from Arcom rather than a clear decision that Eutelsat would have to adhere to.

As long as that doesn't happen, France will not only remain Ukraine's arms supplier, but also an accomplice to the Russian "barbarism" that Elisabeth Borne spoke of and for which she wants to hold Putin "accountable".