He had been sentenced to one year in prison at first instance.

Nicolas Sarkozy had appealed against the judgment in the Bygmalion case and will appear in court again from November 8, 2023. The trial, scheduled until December 8, 2023, will take place three half-days a week, on Wednesdays and Thursdays after -noon and Friday morning.

In September 2021, the Paris Criminal Court had declared him guilty of illegal financing of his 2012 campaign. "I simply ask that the law be applied for me as for any other litigant", or "this one has once again flouted," said the former head of state.

“It is the certainty of the correctness of this fight that gives me the energy that allows me to overcome hardships and resist vain attempts at humiliation,” he added.

This sentence was heavier than the requisitions made by the prosecution: one year in prison, including six months suspended.

A few minutes after the verdict, his lawyer Thierry Herzog announced this decision to appeal, thus de facto suspending this conviction.


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