Russia's military aggression against Ukraine continues.

Fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces continues across Ukraine, forcing thousands of civilians to flee the country.

We will keep you updated on developments in the situation in Ukraine on the 6th (Japan time), including the battle situation and the diplomacy of the countries concerned.

(There is a time difference of 6 hours between Japan and Ukraine and Moscow, Russia)

Putin's closest aide ``The real battle is with NATO''

Security Council secretary Patrushev, one of Russian President Vladimir Putin's closest aides, held a security conference on the 5th in Crimea, which Russia unilaterally annexed eight years ago.

In it, Patrushev said that since the start of the military invasion in Ukraine, "the number of crimes involving weapons, ammunition and explosives has increased significantly. The threat of sabotage and terrorism has increased." claimed that the threat of terrorism is increasing in areas controlled by

On top of that, he said, "The United States and the United Kingdom are prolonging military operations in Ukraine. In reality, it is a battle with NATO." I pointed out that

Putin Signs “Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant Under Russian Control”

On the 5th, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a presidential decree ordering the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia Oblast, southeastern Ukraine, which Russia unilaterally annexed, to be under the control of the Russian government.

It is attributed to Russia's annexation of Zaporizhia Oblast.

The presidential decree justifying the control of the nuclear power plant that Russia has occupied by force is expected to further intensify criticism from Ukraine and Western countries.

UNEP Executive Director “Ukraine Severe Pollution”

Inger Andersen, Executive Director of the UNEP = United Nations Environment Program, responded to an exclusive interview with NHK, saying that serious environmental pollution such as water and soil is spreading in Ukraine due to violent bombings by the Russian military, etc., and expressed serious concerns. rice field.

Secretary-General Andersen, who came to Japan, responded to an NHK interview in Tokyo.

Regarding environmental pollution in Ukraine, where Russia's military aggression continues, Director-General Andersen said, "Violent bombings on factories and power plants have released harmful substances, polluting the surrounding soil, groundwater, and air. He expressed serious concern, saying, "It will have serious effects, including on human health, over the long term."