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  • Ukrainian forces retain the initiative and continue their advance in eastern Ukraine, while maintaining pressure on the Russian army in the Kherson region to the south.

  • The capture on Sunday by the Ukrainians of the town of Lyman, an important railway junction, poses a serious problem for the Russian forces, on the defensive and forced to establish a new front line.

    The Russian army had to hastily fall back towards Svatove, halfway to the important big cities of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk, which they had had so much trouble taking before the summer.

  • To strengthen the Ukrainian military arsenal, Germany, Denmark and Norway have promised kyiv from 2023 sixteen armored car artillery guns, Slovak Zuzana-2.

    France is also considering new deliveries, in particular 6 to 12 Caesar guns taken from an order intended for Denmark.




War in Ukraine: Moscow ratifies the annexation of Ukrainian territories, Elisabeth Borne raises the tone


War in Ukraine: "The kyiv army is progressing but the task is still immense"

06:47: The Ukrainian offensive continues in the Kherson region

In the Kherson region, almost 90% controlled by the Russians, the Ukrainian army continues its offensive to try to encircle the Russians deployed on the west bank of the Dnieper river from the north and east.

However "the situation remains complicated, hostilities continue", commented on Monday the Ukrainian presidency.

6:39 am: Tense exchanges between Elon Musk and kyiv

President Volodymyr Zelensky and other Ukrainian officials had a heated debate Monday on Twitter with Elon Musk.

kyiv's ambassador to Germany even went so far as to tell the SpaceX founder to "fuck off".

The exchange began with Elon Musk's proposal for peace between Kyiv and Moscow based on new UN-supervised referendums, the surrender of Crimea to Russia and a "neutral status" for Russia. Ukraine.

The American billionaire left his Twitter followers the choice to vote "Yes" or "No" to this proposal.

Volodymyr Zelensky responded with another poll for his followers: “Which Elon Musk do you prefer, the one who supports Ukraine or the one who supports Russia?


Elon Musk then argued that Russia could choose to lead a broader mobilization of its population for an “all-out war” that will lead to “a devastating death toll on both sides”.

“A Ukrainian victory is unlikely in an all-out war.

If you care about the Ukrainian people, seek peace,” he wrote.

6:31 am: London will be with kyiv "until victory"

London will once again reiterate its support for kyiv on Tuesday.

Britain has the stamina to stand with Ukraine 'until victory', Foreign Minister James Cleverly will promise in a speech he is due to deliver to the Party's annual conference conservative.

He also planned in his speech to reaffirm London's unwavering support for Ukraine's efforts to repel Russian forces and never to acknowledge Russia's annexation of Ukrainian territory, according to excerpts from that speech.

“We are not commentators.

We are actors on the ground, we make a difference by defending our values ​​(…)”.

06:24: Roscosmos wants to stay a little longer in the ISS

An official from Russia's Roscosmos space agency said on Monday it "hopes" that Moscow will continue to participate in the International Space Station (ISS) after 2024, despite statements that raised concerns this summer about a possible rapid Russian withdrawal after that. date.

"We are beginning to discuss the extension of our participation in the ISS program with our government and hope to obtain permission to continue this year," human spaceflight director Sergei Krikaliov told a press conference.

"We're starting to think about designing and building a new station, but we know that's not going to happen very quickly."

“So probably we will continue to fly until we have a new infrastructure that allows us to have a permanent human presence in low orbit at least”, added this former cosmonaut.

The international partners operating the ISS - American and Russian space agencies, but also European, Canadian and Japanese - are currently only committed until 2024. NASA has already announced that it wants to continue to operate the ISS until 2030 .

06h20: Welcome to this new Live

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This Tuesday, the news on the ground is still marked by Ukrainian counter-offensives, particularly in the Donbass basin.

The loss of the strategic town of Lyman, in the Donetsk region annexed by Moscow, is also a major setback for the Russian army, unable at this stage to control all of the territories it occupies.

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