• A German entrepreneur died in the crash of his private plane in the Baltic Sea.

  • According to many Internet users, this is a disturbing coincidence in terms of the proximity, geographical and temporal, to the explosion of Nord Stream since the contractor would be working on the gas pipeline.

  • In reality, the plane crash took place 23 days before the explosion and his company claims to have never worked on the Nord Stream project.

Another suspicious death linked to the conflict in Ukraine?

Since the beginning of the invasion of the country by Russian forces last February, many suspicious deaths, most often by accident, have been recorded.

If they most often concern oligarchs more or less close to Vladimir Putin, others could be linked to them.

In any case, this is what several French Internet users have been advancing for a few days on social networks.

A few days after the explosion of the Nord Stream gas pipeline, which caused a historic methane leak in the Baltic Sea, Twittos report the story of a German business leader who died in the crash of his plane.

The link with Nord Stream?

The company in question would be in charge of maintaining the pipelines linking Russia to Germany.

A timing that questions social networks, several Internet users seeing it as a disturbing coincidence… Probably too much,

20 Minutes

takes stock of this infox worthy of a spy novel.


The industrialist in question is called Karl-Peter Griesemann, (no relation to the footballer), more commonly known as Peter.

He actually disappeared when his plane, a Cessna 551, crashed off the coast of Latvia.

According to the flight manifest, four people were on board.

Peter Grieseman (72) was accompanied by his wife, his daughter and his daughter's boyfriend, as confirmed by a press release from the company Griesemann Gruppe.

It is likely that it is the German entrepreneur, holder of the pilot's license.

The only other person on board holding the patent was his daughter.

Escorted by French, German, Danish and Swedish planes

The private plane had taken off from Jerez in Spain, where Peter Griesemann resided, and was due to fly to Cologne.

Very quickly, he stopped communicating with air traffic control, forcing France to take off fighter planes to escort the device.

He crossed all of France like this.

The device would have changed course several times, first above Paris then above Cologne.

The plane also reportedly flew over the airspaces of Luxembourg and Belgium, forcing German, Danish and Swedish fighter jets to be urgently dispatched.

Probable sudden depressurization

According to the various flight tracking sites, the aircraft began to lose altitude before crashing in the Baltic Sea.

Ventspils airport, the closest to the scene of the accident, assured AFP that it had not received any information that the “Cessna tried to reach Ventspils”.

Above all, the various French and Swedish pilots reported not having seen anyone in the cockpit.

Questionable information?

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The most likely hypothesis put forward by the authorities is that the passengers lost consciousness after a sudden depressurization of the aircraft since a first alert had been given on this subject by Spain, to the air force. French according to a press release.

His company was never involved in the construction of Nord Stream

If it resurfaced on the French networks in recent days, the accident actually took place on September 4, 23 days before the explosion of the Nord Stream pipes, a less striking timing than some publications suggest. .

Furthermore, there is no connection between the Pipeline and Peter Griesemann.

First of all because the entrepreneur retired in 2015 as confirmed by the group press release, leaving his place to his son.

But above all, Griesemann Gruppe never worked on the Nord Stream project, neither in production nor in maintenance, as confirmed by the company contacted by

20 Minutes


“Our company does not carry out this kind of project, we specialize in the construction of sites for the chemical and petrochemical industry.



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