“At a level below the level of country leaders, they continue to strengthen relationships through very practical agreements that enhance their cooperation.

It seems to me that they have long-term strategic interests, which are actually related to the desire to remove the United States from Europe and from Asia, ”Newsweek quotes him as saying.

At the same time, Appathurai noted that there is no significant shift in the strategic balance of power or at the political level.

However, Beijing supports Moscow's line on NATO.

As White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre earlier said during a briefing, the United States is alarmed by the deepening of ties between Russia and China, especially when a Russian special operation is being carried out in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin noted that the trade turnover between Russia and China could soon reach $200 billion, and the strategic partnership between the two countries was developing very successfully.

In particular, Russia and China, during the Vostok-2022 strategic command and staff exercises, worked out joint actions of warships, including the defeat of land, aircraft carrier and ship strike groups of a mock enemy.