Stéphane Bern SEASON 2022 - 20236:00 p.m., October 04, 2022

Historically Yours brings together 3 odious poisoners: the Marquise de Brinvilliers who left her name in the famous “Affaire des poisons” under the reign of Louis XIV... and looked for it a bit, poisoning several members of her family, but not only.

Then Hélène Jégado, a serial killer who caused trouble - and poured arsenic above all, to liquidate her victims in Brittany.

And the one that the press presented as “the black widow of the Côte d'Azur” or “the poisoner of the Riviera”, a title that she did not usurp: Patricia Dagorn.

The guests:

- Agnès Walch

, historian

Author of

"La Marquise de Brinvilliers"


- Myriam Tsikounas,



"Figures of criminal women from Antiquity to the present day"

(Editions de La Sorbonne)