The government plays it collectively.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne will receive the parliamentary groups of the National Assembly and the Senate during the cycle of consultations on pensions, announced Tuesday the Minister in charge of Relations with Parliament, Franck Riester.

“We are in the time of consultation until the end of the year, he said on LCP.

(Minister of Labour) Olivier Dussopt is starting meetings with trade unions this week.

The Prime Minister (Elisabeth Borne) will receive groups from the various political parties in the Assembly and the Senate.


A text voted on at the start of 2023

The executive will engage on Wednesday in consultation with the political parties and the social partners on the subject of its pension reform, the objective of which is to gradually raise the retirement age to 65 by 2031.

“Then the government will take stock of these consultations and will present a specific text at the beginning of next year which will have to be voted on before the end of winter”, specified Franck Riester.

A reform according to him "necessary for the sustainability of our pension system", to "finance the needs in terms of public services", and underlined the need to "do it quickly because the risk of deficit is significant".


Xavier Bertrand says he is "ready to support" a pension reform


Pension reform: The CFDT will "fight" the retirement age at 65

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