Israeli media reported that an Israeli policeman was wounded this evening, Tuesday, in a shooting attack near the "Ofra" settlement, northeast of Ramallah. Meanwhile, "The Lions' Den" arrested 4 settlers inside the Old City of Nablus and handed them over to the Palestinian Authority.

The "Areen Al-Aswad" group - an armed group affiliated with the Palestinian resistance - said on Tuesday evening - in a statement - that it "arrested two women while touring the town, one of them was confirmed to be an Israeli settlement from the Kfar Saba area, inside the Old City of Nablus, and with them Two children."

בערב יום הכיפורים: שתי נשים ושני ילדים ישראלים מאלעד נתפסו לפני זמן קצר בתוך העיר שכם.

מנגנוני הביטחון הפלסטיניים שמו את ידיהם על הארבעה, ולפני דקות אחדות הם הוסגרו לידי ישראל כשאים ב.

טענות פלסטיניות ש״נחטפו״ ע״י חמושים - שקריות.


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Doron Kadosh (@Doron_Kadosh) October 4, 2022

The Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, reported that the settlers were handed over to the Palestinian security services, which in turn handed them over to the occupation forces.

The Israeli newspaper pointed out that "The Lions' Den" said in its statement that it "does not kill children and women," warning settlers in the West Bank.

The "Aren of the Lions" adopts shooting attacks on the occupation and settlements in the West Bank, and Israel assassinated a number of its members in the city of Nablus, the last of whom was Saed al-Koni, 22, who was martyred after a clash with the occupation soldiers late last month.

The lions' den during the funeral of a martyr in Nablus (Al-Jazeera)

An Israeli policeman was injured

Ha'aretz also reported that "an Israeli policeman was shot in the leg" near the "Ofra" settlement, northeast of Ramallah, without clarifying who shot him.

For its part, the Israeli Army Radio suggested that the policeman was likely to be injured by "another soldier's fire while trying to stop a speeding Palestinian car that tried to trample a number of occupation soldiers."

Later, Israeli websites reported that the occupation army had "arrested a Palestinian suspected of being linked to the shooting" at the police officer near Ramallah.

רכב המחבלים שניסו לרצוח שוטר בצומת עפרה ונורו על ידי כוחותינו.


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At the same time, the Palestinian News Agency (WAFA) reported that the occupation forces wounded and arrested a Palestinian this evening, Tuesday, near the "Ofra" settlement, which is built on the lands of Silwad and Ein Yabroud villages in Ramallah and Al-Bireh governorate.

Wafa quoted security sources as saying that the occupation forces "fired at the vehicle, wounding its driver," and prevented ambulance crews from reaching him, before arresting him.

Military checkpoints were also set up in the vicinity of the villages and towns of Silwad, Ein Yabroud, and the area of ​​Uyun Al Haramiya on the Ramallah-Nablus road, and citizens' vehicles were stopped and searched.