The coast guard has observed the emissions from the air within the Swedish economic zone on two occasions during Sunday.

At both times, the larger spill was approximately 100 meters in diameter and the smaller was 15 meters in diameter, which means they are unchanged from Saturday's observations.

The authority writes this in a press release.

During Saturday, the company Nord Stream notified the Danish authorities that "there now seems to be a stable pressure in the two Nord Stream 1 pipelines", writes the Danish energy authority on Twitter and concludes:

"Thereby it indicates that the blowout of gas is now also finished from the last two leaks."

Pre-trial confidentiality

The coast guard currently has no explanation as to why the leakage has decreased more quickly in Danish waters.

There is pre-investigative secrecy surrounding the ongoing criminal investigation into the sabotage, an investigation which, for the Swedish part, is conducted by the Security Police.

SVT has been in contact with Säpo, who so far has not made any comments.

The Swedish Maritime Administration has issued navigation warnings for the area with recommendations on distance restrictions for shipping.

Current warnings are published on the Swedish Maritime Administration's website.