[Global Web Reporter Zhang Xiaoya] "This is a huge opportunity to eliminate the dependence on Russian energy once and for all." US Secretary of State Blinken talked about the "North Stream" natural gas pipeline leak at a press conference on September 30, local time. The response made at the time was noticed by the Russian media.

  According to the record on the official website of the US State Department, US Secretary of State Blinken and Canadian Foreign Minister Jolly held a press conference in Washington on September 30, local time.

At the meeting, a Canadian reporter asked Blinken questions about the "North Stream Incident".

The latter responded by declaring, "First of all, to be clear", "These pipelines, namely 'Beixi-1' and 'Beixi-2', (the incident) did not deliver natural gas to Europe at the time. As we all know, 'Beixi-2' 'Never commissioned. Nord Stream-1 has been shut down for weeks due to Russia's weaponization of energy." Blinken went on to say that in light of this, "We have significantly increased production and supplied LNG to Europe. We have It is now a major supplier of LNG in Europe, helping Europe make up for gas or oil lost to Russia's invasion of Ukraine."

  Responding to questions, Blinken also said, "My own feeling - and I mentioned it the other day - is that there is a lot of hard work to be done to make sure countries and partners get through this winter. Europe Very important measures have been taken in themselves, on the one hand to reduce (own) demand and on the other to find a way to transition to renewable energy.”

  Blinken went on to claim, "In the end, this is also a huge opportunity. This is a huge opportunity to eliminate Russia's energy dependence once and for all, so that Putin can no longer weaponize energy as a means to advance his imperial plans. This is very Importantly, it presents a huge strategic opportunity for years to come."

  Blinken's "strategic opportunity" theory was quickly captured by the Russian media.

"Russia Today" (RT) reported on October 1 that "the United States (Secretary of State) said the explosion of the Nord Stream pipeline is a 'huge opportunity'".

  Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a speech at the Kremlin on September 30, accusing the Anglo-Saxons of sabotaging the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline.

Putin said in a speech, "For the Anglo-Saxons, sanctions are not enough. They have turned to sabotage, and by creating an explosion against the 'Nord Stream' international gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea, they have actually started to destroy the whole of Europe. Energy infrastructure, as incredible as it may be, is a fact."

  "Everyone knows who will benefit from it. Of course, whoever benefits is who does it," Putin said.