Last month, North Korea issued a statement denouncing the participation of a US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in joint exercises with South Korean forces, which it said escalated tensions in the region.

Late last month, the US and South Korean forces conducted joint exercises in the Sea of ​​Japan over a four-day schedule, with the participation of an aircraft carrier strike group consisting of the US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan.

Regarding this, North Korea released a statement on the 2nd through the website of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland, which is the contact agency with South Korea.

With nuclear-powered aircraft carriers in mind, he criticized that "wherever the United States' 'moving military bases' appeared, the regional situation became extremely tense and war broke out without exception."

He also denounced the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier as "a lump of scrap iron" and emphasized to South Korea that "it is the product of the aggression ambition to suppress us somehow even if it depends on the nuclear strategic assets of the United States."

As Japan, the United States, and South Korea deepen their cooperation through joint training and other activities, North Korea has launched four ballistic missiles since the 25th of last month. has been confirmed and related countries are wary of trends.