- It is the last day and it feels strange.

It has been here for two and a half years, but from tomorrow you can still take part in it, albeit digitally, says Maria Jönsson, who is the museum director at Norrköping City Museum. 

The exhibition is about Nazism in Norrköping during the 1930s and 1940s and what happened after the Second World War ended.

"Been exhausting"

The exhibition has been controversial and in the spring of 2020, the Sweden Democrats in Norrköping reported the City Museum for hanging an article with a picture of the party's board in the municipality, at an exhibition about Nazism.

- It has been exhausting in different ways.

We knew we would get a lot of attention.

You always get that when you talk about challenging things, and Nazism is one such thing.

But what has happened has been much more than we could have imagined, says Maria Jönsson.

Hear Maria Jönsson tell more in the video clip above.