One more line for the RATP, and for

20 Minutes


From this Monday, your newspaper is distributed in 108 metro and RER stations.

You may not have noticed it, but if readers read our pages sitting on line 12, standing in the RER A or waiting for their metro on line 5 bis, they had taken the newspaper to outside the RATP network, on a rack or hand in hand with our peddlers.

Or they had recovered it from a seat, already read, and left available by another user, a practice that we like and encourage, collective and ecological!

But today, we are getting even closer by following the same path as you and your daily mode of transport.

This partnership with the RATP allows

20 Minutes

to extend its distribution network in Ile-de-France.

For 20 years, you have found us in SNCF stations, in peddling, in schools, universities, administrations, companies or coworking spaces.

From this Monday,

20 Minutes

is distributed to nearly 490,000 copies in 742 distribution points in the Paris region.

A break from the rhythm of your daily life

Do not panic for those who arrive after the distribution, you will not miss any information by going to or our application, by downloading our digital editions, by watching our videos, by listening to our podcasts or by consulting our social networks.

And some of you even followed us into the metaverse with the 20 Mint project.

Via all these channels and especially with the newspaper, we hope that your journey time on one of the RATP lines, with our lines in your hands, will have been pleasant, useful, informed and that

20 Minutes

will have offered you a break from news welcome to the rhythm of your daily life.


Letter from the Association for the General Information Press: Mr. President, make media and information literacy a great national cause


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