DRC: customary chiefs discuss to find a way out of the crisis in Maï-Ndombe

Lake Mai-Ndombe in the DRC (illustration image).


Claeys Bouaert

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The meeting of customary chiefs on the violence in Maï Ndombe continues in the form of internal consultation within the communities.

The customary chiefs will meet again on a date to be agreed to share the selected proposals which will be submitted to the country's authorities.  


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With our correspondent in Kinshasa,

Kamanda wa Kamanda Muzembe

Present at this meeting, Princess Germaine Maminga of Kwilu province said that she did not understand the reason for the violence that was sweeping over Grand Bandundu.


There are politicians who are in these files.

We cultivate the fields, the oil is the diamond, it is in the basements, not yet exploited until then.

 The princess also mentions " 

mercenaries, rebels, infiltrators

 " found in Kamu.  

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Former Prime Minister Adolphe Muzito proposes that each community be awarded ownership of the land inherited from their ancestors.

This would require revisiting the land law. 

 It will remove the conflict.

First, because we will regulate the management of ancestral land alongside the land, the public domain, the State and the private domain as well.

But it will allow each community, knowing its rights, to coexist with other communities by asserting, through law and regulation, its land royalties.

But also the organization of its economic power.


Each community was also invited to make proposals to be presented to the authorities. 


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