The People's Power has submitted a resolution calling for the resignation of National Assembly Speaker Jin-pyo Kim.

This is a countermeasure to the Democratic Party's sole disposition of a proposal to dismiss Foreign Minister Park Jin at the National Assembly plenary session yesterday (29th).

People's Power, Song Eon-seok, senior deputy floor leader, etc., submitted a resolution calling for Kim's resignation to the National Assembly's agenda this morning, saying, "(The Democratic Party) dealt with the unilateral change of agenda by changing the agenda of Park Jin, Minister of Foreign Affairs Jang Go-na, who was not on the agenda. We strongly protest against the forcible processing.”

"Chairman Jin-pyo Kim, the chairman of the Democratic Party, agreed to change the agenda without consulting with the people, and thus directly contradicted the purpose of the National Assembly Act on neutrality," he said.

(Photo = National Assembly Photo Reporters, Yonhap News)