Latvia votes for politics tomorrow


Pro-EU and pro-NATO prime minister Krisjanis Karins is likely to secure victory.

Polls show a weakening of populists, conservatives and the Social Democratic Harmony party, which usually has strong support from

Latvia's large Russian-speaking minority. 

The majority for Karins will depend on his smaller parties allies, which may not even exceed the five percent threshold to enter parliament


Latvia has 1.8 million inhabitants.

The outgoing government has shown great support for Ukraine, has increased defense spending and worked towards greater energy security. 

Karins New Unity party leads the polls with 13.3%.

Harmony, which got 20% in the last election of 2018, is given by the polls at 5.1%.

Russian speakers make up about 30% of the Latvian population


The polling stations will be open tomorrow from 7 to 20. The first exit polls are expected shortly after.