At a cabinet meeting on the 30th, the government decided to establish the necessary requirements for designation by a government ordinance in the future for "specified important goods," which are stipulated as important goods and raw materials that are essential for people's lives under the Economic Security Promotion Act. We have decided on basic guidelines such as

In order to ensure a stable supply of "specified important materials" and promote research and development of "specified important technologies" related to national security, the government will implement the Economic Security Promotion Act, which was partially enforced last month. We are designing a system for

At the cabinet meeting on the 30th, the basic guidelines for designating materials subject to "specified important materials" and their raw materials by government ordinance were decided.

According to this, it is necessary to meet four requirements, such as being indispensable for the lives of the people, being disproportionately supplied to a small number of countries and regions, and being excessively dependent on external sources.

The government has said that semiconductors and pharmaceuticals are expected to be "specific important materials", and plans to designate them by cabinet order within the year after proceeding with the final work to select the targets.

On the other hand, at the Cabinet meeting on the 30th, in the field of "specific important technology" related to national security, research was conducted in 20 fields such as AI = artificial intelligence and biotechnology, semiconductor technology and quantum information science. We also decided on basic guidelines to narrow down the targets for priority support.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno "Improve economic independence"

At a press conference after the cabinet meeting, Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno said, ``With the scope of security expanding not only in diplomacy and defense but also in the economic field, ensuring the security of the people from an economic perspective is an urgent issue. It is important to increase the independence of the government," he said.

On top of that, he said, "At the moment, I cannot give a prejudiced answer as to what kind of goods will be designated as 'Specific Important Materials' by government ordinance. , We will continue to consider the designation within the year."