During the day, the White House held a conference on diet and health.

During the event, Joe Biden, 79, took the stage and gave a speech.

He then asked for Jackie Walorski, a congressman from Indiana who participated in the work to make the conference a reality.

She died in a car accident in August this year, something Joe Biden then expressed his sadness about, writes Reuters.

At a press conference afterward, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tried to smooth over what happened.

According to her, Biden was trying to pay tribute to Jackie Walorski's deed.

- He knows he will meet her family on Friday, she said.

Several clips are circulating online where Joe Biden seems to lose his way, slurs, stumbles or goes in the wrong direction, something that was picked up by the American media.

Biden's health has also been repeatedly used as a bat by ex-president Donald Trump.