During the pandemic, there was great interest in going out on the lake.

SSRS's rescue station in Råå already signaled this in the summer of 2020.

This led to rescue missions going from 66 missions in 2019 to 92 missions during the period April-August 2020.

- It was mainly the number of member assignments that increased during the two pandemic periods, but now it has dropped to roughly the same level as before the pandemic, says Mikael Sellergren who is station manager in Råå.

The missions have gradually decreased since the large increase in 2020. Last year, the number of rescue missions during April-August was 73 for the station in Råå.

This year, during the same period, the number ended at 63.

Three lower than the summer before the pandemic.

In the video, you hear Mikael Sellergren reasoning about why he thinks there are fewer people who need help now.