In a speech on the 28th, President Biden of the United States called the name of a member of the House of Representatives who died in a traffic accident last month and pretended to be among the attendees.

Some media reported that it seemed that the lawmakers had forgotten that they had died, and at a press conference held at the White House, questions about the president's behavior were raised one after another.

When U.S. President Biden delivered a speech at a conference calling for the eradication of hunger held at the White House on the 28th, he named a congressman who died in a traffic accident last month and looked for it as if he were among the attendees. "Jackie, where are you?"

President Biden issued a memorial statement when this lawmaker died, and Reuters reported that ``it seemed like he forgot about the lawmaker's death.''

At a press conference held later at the White House, questions were raised about the president's remarks. There must have been,' he replied.

However, there were times when reporters who weren't convinced by this repeatedly asked, ``It's about the president's mental health.

President Biden is now 79 years old, and there is constant concern about the health of the oldest president in American history.