NATO approves the opening of a representative office in South Korea, and the South Korean ambassador to the EU will also serve as the permanent representative to NATO

  [Global Times Comprehensive Report] Yonhap News Agency reported on the 28th that the NATO Council said on its official website on the 27th local time that it accepted the request of the South Korean government to designate the South Korean embassy in Belgium as the representative office in NATO.

Yoon Sun-gu, South Korea's ambassador to Belgium and the European Union, will also serve as the country's permanent representative to NATO.

  The statement stated that South Korea is an active partner of NATO. The two sides have continued to deepen their cooperative relationship based on common values ​​since 2005. This decision by NATO is an important step in strengthening cooperation with South Korea.

South Korea's "World Daily" said that South Korean President Yoon Sek-yue announced plans for South Korea and NATO to set up representative offices in each other's offices when he attended the NATO summit in Madrid in June this year.

At that time, a senior official of the President's Office said that South Korea could strengthen its relationship with NATO, on the one hand, it could obtain military intelligence through NATO, and on the other hand, it would allow more South Korean military enterprises to enter the NATO weapons procurement bidding.

  The "Voice of America" ​​South Korean website stated that NATO agreed to the establishment of an official representative office in South Korea, which can be seen as the latest move by NATO to strengthen security cooperation with Indo-Pacific partners through a new strategic concept.

Recently, NATO used the conflict between Russia and Ukraine as an opportunity to revise the strategic concept adopted in 2010, specifically calling China a "systemic challenge".

The Yoon Seok-hye government actively promotes relations with NATO, and the US government also supports South Korea's "playing a role" in NATO.

Yonhap News Agency said that now NATO has officially accepted South Korea's request to open a representative office, which means that NATO's four partner countries in the Asia-Pacific region (South Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand) will all have their own representative offices.

  Lv Chao, a professor and dean of the Institute of American and East Asian Studies at Liaoning University, said on the 28th that NATO is a European military alliance and has nothing to do with Asian affairs.

Behind the decision to approve the opening of a representative office in South Korea, the United States, the behind-the-scenes manipulator of NATO, is trying to introduce its power into the Asia-Pacific region to serve its so-called "new Asia-Pacific strategy".

This decision is very wrong and will cause chaos in the Asian region.

Lv Chao pointed out that Japan, South Korea and other countries are actually acting under the manipulation of the United States, so they may establish closer ties with NATO in the future, paving the way for NATO to expand to Asia, which will have a negative impact on the peaceful development of the international community. .

However, Lu Chao emphasized that it is very difficult for NATO to try to expand its power and military influence to the Asia-Pacific region, and some NATO countries may not support it. It can be said that this is only the "wishful thinking" of the United States.

Moreover, Japan, South Korea, Australia and other countries will not gain much substantial benefits from it. Instead, they will expose their humble attitude of subservience to the United States in front of the world, thus damaging the national reputation.

  Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin previously stated at a regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that NATO is a product of the "Cold War", and its contemporary development runs counter to the same.

NATO is originally the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, but in recent years it has moved to Asia, which will inevitably attract the vigilance of Asian countries and the international community.

Wang Wenbin emphasized that China advises NATO to stop messing up Asia and the world.