“His days are no longer in danger”, announces the public prosecutor.

The day after the shooting in the middle of the street in the Dervallières district of Nantes, the victim, aged 17, still could not be heard by the investigators but his vital prognosis is no longer engaged.

The young man was hospitalized on Wednesday in serious condition after being shot twice in the chest.

Originally from Poitiers (Vienne), he had been staying in Nantes for a few days “in order to start a Bac pro”, indicates Renaud Gaudeul.

The shots had slammed around 5:30 p.m., in the middle of the street, close to the shops and the imposing Watteau building.

A dozen bullets were fired, said the prosecutor.

Two suspects, seen on a scooter, fled and have not been identified at this stage.

The link with the drug trafficking that plagues the Dervallières district is "a hypothesis", says the prosecutor.

An investigation for attempted murder in an organized gang has been opened.

Last week, a major police operation was launched in the Watteau building due to the presence of a long weapon, captured by CCTV images.

The address has been the subject of an upsurge in tension since the arrest, at the end of June, of the alleged head of this reputable deal point.

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Nantes: A young man wounded by bullets in the middle of the street in Dervallières


Nantes: Exceptional police operation to find a weapon of war at Dervallières

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