About 9.8 million people!

Australia's second-largest telecommunications operator data leak, people queuing to change their documents

  [Global Times comprehensive report] Australia's second-largest telecommunications operator Optus data was leaked, and victims were eager to replace their driver's licenses to protect their personal information.

Optus was hit by a massive hack that saw the personal information of about 9.8 million people stolen, including 2.8 million whose driver's license numbers and passport details were stolen.

  According to the ABC report on the 28th, the South Australian government announced on the 27th that anyone affected by the Optus data breach can go to the South Australian service center to change their driver's license number.

A woman who changed her driver's license number revealed that it took her three hours to get to the nearest service center, and the line had already been lined up outside the door. "After entering, I waited for another 40 minutes."

The woman said Optus' response so far had been "a bit weak", leading the South Australian government to pay for the telecommunications giant's mistakes.

Government officials urged people to be patient, saying all service centres were currently operating at high capacity.

Optus CEO said on the 27th that the operator is also working behind the scenes with all issuing agencies to re-issue documents to victims of information breaches.

(Qiao Wenshu)