China News Service, September 28th, a comprehensive report, underwater explosions, pipeline leaks... The "North Stream" natural gas pipeline suffered "deliberate sabotage" recently, which shocked Europe and the United States.

The EU has called for an investigation into the matter.

There is no information yet as to who might be behind it.

'Extremely rare'

  On the 26th local time, leaks were found in the "Nord Stream-2" and "Nord Stream-1" pipelines in the waters near Denmark and Sweden.

The head of the Danish Energy Agency said in a press release that leaks in natural gas pipelines are extremely rare.

RIA Novosti quoted Swedish TV (SVT) as saying that on the same day, two underwater explosions occurred in the area where the gas leaked from the "North Stream" natural gas pipeline.

Data map: The pipeline of the "Beixi-2" natural gas pipeline project landing facility.

  The British "Guardian" said that Denmark took military flights to take pictures of the scene of the leak, one of which showed a similar gas bubbling area on the sea.

Image source: Screenshot of a video report from The Guardian.

Who is behind the scenes?

  European Commission President von der Leyen said the leak was due to "sabotage" and called for the "strongest response" to any deliberate destruction of Europe's energy infrastructure.

She urged an investigation to fully understand "the incident and its causes".

  Danish Prime Minister Fraser Ricksen said on the evening of the 27th that according to a comprehensive assessment by relevant Danish agencies, the leak of the "Nord Stream" natural gas pipeline was caused by "deliberate behavior" and could not be the result of an accident.

There is no information yet on who may be behind it.

  Swedish government officials said there was information that the "Nord Stream" gas pipeline leak may have been "sabotage", but this was not an attack against Sweden, which is in close contact with partners such as NATO and Denmark and Germany.

  German Economy Minister Habeck said the leak was caused by a targeted attack on infrastructure, and the German side believes that "the leak was not caused by natural events or physical fatigue."

"It's not good for anyone"

  In this regard, U.S. Secretary of State Blinken said on the 27th that preliminary reports indicate that the North Stream natural gas pipeline leak may be the result of an attack or some kind of damage, "but these are preliminary reports, we have not confirmed, but if confirmed, That obviously doesn't do anyone any good."

  Blinken also said that, in his view, the leak will not have a significant impact on Europe's energy supply, and reiterated that the United States is working to address Europe's short- and long-term energy security issues.

  The attitude of former Polish foreign minister Sikorski is very subtle.

He only posted a picture of the sea surface after the underwater explosion in the waters where the "North Stream" pipeline was located on social media, and wrote, "Thank you, America."

Image source: Screenshot of former Polish Foreign Minister Sikorski's social media

  Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki said the leak was an "act of sabotage" that "may mark an escalation of the situation in Ukraine."

"The opponent lost his mind?"

  Russian Presidential Press Secretary Peskov told the media on the 27th that the state of emergency of the "North Stream" project is related to the energy security of the entire European continent, and Russia is extremely concerned about this.

"It cannot be ruled out that the pipeline accident was caused by sabotage."

  According to the Russian Satellite Network, the first deputy chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the Russian Federation Council, Jabarov, said that if the accident investigation of the "North Stream" pipeline confirmed that the United States was involved in the explosion, then "the situation will fundamentally change."

"Has our opponent completely lost his mind?"

  The "North Stream-1" pipeline was completed in 2011, starting from Vyborg, Russia in the east, and leading to Germany via the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

Gazprom said on September 2 that due to the discovery of multiple equipment failures, the "North Stream-1" will completely stop gas transmission until the fault is eliminated.

The "Beixi-2" pipeline was completed last year and is basically parallel to the "Beixi-1", but it has not yet been put into use.