The EU = European Union further bans imports and exports from Russia in response to pro-Russian forces backed by Russia forcing activities that they call a "referendum" in the territory controlled by Ukraine. announced plans to impose additional sanctions.

In response to the fact that pro-Russian forces backed by Russia's Putin regime have pushed out activities that they call a "referendum" in areas controlled by Ukraine, EU Chairman von der Leyen and High Representative Borrell A press conference was held on the 28th.

In it, von der Leyen said: "The EU will not accept a fake referendum or annex any part of Ukraine to Russia. We will make the Russian government pay the price for making things worse." I am firmly determined," he said.

He also announced plans to impose additional sanctions against Russia.

Specifically, they are planning to expand the products that are banned from importing from Russia, and the scale is 7 billion euros, or more than 970 billion yen in Japanese yen.

It also prohibits exports to Russia of electronic components and special chemicals required by the Russian military industry.

In addition, those who have been involved in activities that are said to be a "referendum" by pro-Russian factions will be subject to travel bans and asset freezes in the EU.

The sanctions will now be implemented with the approval of EU Member States.