Actually, Jirko Stiller's greenhouse project should be discussed in the environmental committee of the Groß-Gerauer district council on Tuesday afternoon.

The coalition of SPD, Greens and Left had drafted a resolution in which they rejected the construction of the around 13 soccer pitch greenhouse in the south of the district near Gernsheim because of the possible environmental damage.

Among other things, light pollution was criticized by the large greenhouse, but also heavy truck traffic.

But to the surprise of some spectators who had come to the meeting, the coalition suddenly shelved the resolution.

Because there are apparently voices in the coalition that do not support the general rejection.

Büttelborn's SPD mayor Marcus Merkel, for example, told the FAZ that the cultivation of tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers, which produce a significantly larger harvest in the greenhouse than outdoors, makes perfect sense if truck transports with these products from Spain or the Netherlands are avoided .

Because the giant greenhouse will build over a large area and thus take it away from the animal world, the environmental protection associations also reject the project.

Jirko Stiller had complained to the press that the coalition had passed a resolution without ever getting more information about the project from him.

Apparently that should now be done.

Both the coalition and the committee members now want to talk to Stiller.

It was therefore decided to invite Stiller to the next committee meeting where the resolution will be discussed, so that he can present the details of his plans there.

According to observers, this could lead to the fundamental rejection, which is contained in the original form of the resolution, being significantly weakened and only a few conditions being demanded.