[On this vast land⑯] "The heavy weapon of the country" helps the nation to stand up

  Sun Changsong, it's not easy.

  His pressure comes from the 9 roads, 4 railways and various gas pipelines, high-voltage electrical towers "overhead"... Not only that, but also to ensure that the 5-story building, 150 meters long and 4,300 tons in front of him. The behemoth pierced through the underground of Beijing City, and it was not wrong.

  This face looks like a behemoth of a Peking Opera mask, and its name is "Jinghua" shield machine.

At the moment, it is excavating more than 20 meters underground in Beijing's East Sixth Ring Road.

  As its "housekeeper" - the shield manager of the Beijing East Sixth Ring Road Reconstruction Project of China Railway 14th Bureau, Sun Changsong is responsible for the management of the entire shield construction.

Before being promoted to "housekeeper", he had driven two shield machines, but they were all imported.

  The "Jinghua" is a genuine Chinese product!

  Wang Huran is Sun Changsong's apprentice. In the past 14 months, he drove the "Jinghua" to cross the Beijing-Harbin Railway, Beijing Subway Line 6, and Asia's largest underground comprehensive transportation hub, Beijing City Sub-Central Station. Hey" ah - all the way forward, 4.7 kilometers, the subsidence of the stratum is never more than 3 mm!

"My master always tells me that 40 years ago, the 3.3-kilometer southern Xinjiang railway tunnel took nearly 4,000 people and took 5 years to chisel out with steel drills, hammers, and air guns!" Wang Huran Lamented that his life was at the right time.

  When it comes to the past, Sun Changsong has a different feeling in his heart: "I used imported shield machines in the past, and maintenance was very troublesome. It often took a month to import a part, and it was very expensive. If you want a design drawing, the other party will not give it. When a foreign engineer repairs it. , we are not allowed to approach." Speaking of the present, he raised his eyebrows: "We no longer have to be controlled by others, the production and sales of domestic shield machines have ranked first in the world, and they are exported to Europe."

  In fact, in the past ten years, it is more than a shield machine that has made us proud!

You see, a large number of "national heavy weapons" have appeared: Shenzhou 14 spacecraft, Long March 5 rocket, China Space Station...

  While Sun Changsong and Wang Huran were "escape", astronauts Chen Dong and Liu Yang had just completed a spacewalk; the core module "Tiangong" of China's space station was waiting for the "big guy" called "Mengtian" to arrive; while in Shanghai On the banks of the Huangpu River, the large passenger plane C919 soared into the sky; on the Haizi Mountain at an altitude of 4,410 meters on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the "big net" of the high-altitude cosmic ray observatory was catching cosmic rays with bated breath.

  Where does this count: to the south, Fuqing, Fujian, the third-generation nuclear power technology independently designed and developed by my country - the "Hualong No. 1" unit, one unit can meet the electricity demand of a medium-sized city for one year; to the north, the ice city Harbin, not afraid The cold alpine version of the "Fuxing" EMU can run at minus 40 degrees Celsius...

  Great powers need heavy weapons!

It represents the ambition, backbone and confidence of a country.

  It provides an indispensable platform for scientific research.

With the help of "Chinese Sky Eye", we have discovered more than 660 pulsars that have never been seen before.

With these new samples of cosmic research, scientists are working to achieve major breakthroughs in astronomy, physics, and more.

With the help of the "super microscope" of the spallation neutron source, we can "see" the microscopic structure of matter and develop super steel, quantum materials, etc.

  It is not only a "good helper" for scientists, but also provides "wings" for the industry to take off.

  Let's look at a set of data: 22 provinces, more than 200 enterprises, 36 universities, and nearly 200,000 people. This is the group involved in the research and manufacture of large aircraft.

They have solved a series of technical problems such as the integrated design of aircraft engines, the control law of the fly-by-wire flight control system, integrated avionics, and titanium alloy 3D printing. Complete aviation innovation chain and industrial chain.

"The development of the C919 large aircraft is not just an aircraft itself, it can drive the development of a series of industries such as materials, equipment manufacturing, electronic systems, and information." Zhang Yanzhong, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering who has been committed to China's aviation industry for decades, felt deeply. .

  Not just big planes.

From Beidou satellite navigation to "Beidou+" and "Beidou Academy"; from "Chang'e" lunar exploration to "Tianwen" fire detection, and then to "Xihe" day-to-day... The success of each "national weapon" has brought It is a breakthrough and progress in science, technology, craftsmanship and other issues, as well as the experience and growth of thousands of scientific and technological talents.

  With the scientific and technological background laid by "the most important weapon of the country", our daily life will have many "bright colors": medical heavy ion accelerators can accurately kill cancer cells; plant factory breeding accelerators can harvest a crop in 60 days Rice; UHV power transmission technology paves the "highway" for long-distance transmission of electricity across regions; with the help of the "scissors" of gene editing technology, we can "tinker" genes, develop genetic drugs and treatments for genetic diseases... …

  "In the past ten years, my country's scientific and technological undertakings have undergone historic, overall, and structural changes, successfully entering the ranks of innovative countries, and embarking on a development path from strong talents, strong technology, to strong industry, economy, and country. ” said Wang Zhigang, Minister of Science and Technology.

  (Reporter Chen Haibo of this newspaper)