The referendum for the incorporation of Russian territories into Russian territory in Ukraine is over.

The Russian side expects a vote in favor of over 90%, but NATO and the West condemn the vote as a 'fraud' and are considering additional sanctions.

There are also reports of people escaping from Russia, where military mobilization orders have been issued.

By Bae Jae-hak, staff reporter.


A transparent ballot box contains ballot papers marked "yes" in Luhansk, a Russian-occupied territory in Donbas, eastern Ukraine.

The five-day referendum on the incorporation of Russian territory in the Russian-controlled Donbas region, Zaporiza, and Kherson has ended.

[Nadeja/Luhansk residents: in favor of the annexation of Russia because it is the only viable option for us in the present situation.]

Russia officially declared the region as its territory by voting, and then attacked the region by Russia. nailed it as an attack on the

However, Ukraine and the West have defined the vote as a 'fake vote' and are not accepting it.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the EU have condemned the vote as "fraud" and said they would sanction those involved in the vote.

The 27 EU member states are also grappling with new sanctions in response to Russia's implementation of a referendum that the West has dismissed as fake.

In the midst of this, a 16-km procession of vehicles at the border crossing from Russia to Georgia to avoid military mobilization was confirmed by satellite images.

The U.S. media reported that the photos taken by commercial satellite companies also confirmed vehicles headed for Mongolia, and both countries are countries where Russian citizens can enter without a visa.