At the UN General Assembly general debate in New York, neither Myanmar nor Afghanistan delivered a speech due to disputes over the posts of UN ambassadors.

The General Debate of the United Nations General Assembly, which was held in New York from the 20th of this month, reached its final day on the 26th, and representatives of more than 190 countries and regions gave speeches.

On the other hand, Myanmar and Afghanistan, originally scheduled for the final day, did not deliver their speeches due to disputes over the post of UN ambassador.

This is the second year in a row that both countries have not delivered their general debate addresses at the UN General Assembly.

Myanmar's military staged a coup last February and Kyaw Mo Tun, the UN ambassador appointed by the previous pro-democracy government, remains active, while the military wants to appoint another.

In addition, Afghanistan notified that the Islamist Taliban, which came to power in August last year, will appoint an executive to the United Nations ambassador, but Mr. Faik, who has served as the Afghan delegation to the United Nations since the previous administration, has been appointed as the United Nations ambassador. continues to act as

The representatives of the member states of the United Nations are examined by the "Credentials Committee" established for each session of the UN General Assembly, but the "Credentials Committee" postponed judgment on these two countries last year, and the UN General Assembly that started this month It is expected to be discussed again during the new session of .