Hearing postponed to November 29, the seventh in the trial of

Patrick Zaki.

Another judicial stop for him

Egyptian student of the University of Bologna after 22 months in pre-trial detention, accused of "

spreading false news


He communicates it himself to the Italian Ansa and writes it on Twitter.

He was released last December but now faces another five years in prison.

According to a judicial source, the postponement would serve to give time to mature "

a political decision that completely freezes the trial, and grants Patrick his total freedom

of him". 

His main lawyer, Hoda Nasrallah, refused to make any statements and Patrick himself recently said he did not expect "anything" from today's hearing.

Even if in theory the single judge of Mansura

could acquit him, cancel his release from prison or send him back to "who knows when".  

"Yet another postponement for Patrick Zaki. As if he were already serving a sentence without ever having been convicted," writes Riccardo Nouri, spokesman for Amnesty International - Italy, on Twitter, commenting on the postponement of the trial. 

The appointment is as always at the old Palace of Justice of Mansura - the birthplace of Patrick Zaki - on the Nile delta, where a local State Security Court operates for minor (or emergency) crimes. 

The Egyptian student has been on trial since September 14 last year,

for an article on controversial discrimination against the Christian minority in Egypt (openly persecuted by ISIS). 

There was a delegation of foreign diplomats who - on the initiative of Italy - follow all the hearings as part of a European monitoring program of relevant processes for the respect of human rights.

Patrick's hearing, as already happened in the previous 6 occasions, should be inserted in a session of different proceedings.