On Monday, six prison guards were taken into custody for alleged violence denounced by an inmate in a northern remand center, we learned on Tuesday from the prison administration and a source. close to the file.

Two other agents from the same establishment were summoned but could not be present, said the prison administration.

“An investigation is underway, the prosecution is seized.

The investigation will shed light on the events,” she added.

Overwhelming CCTV footage

According to prison union sources, the guards heard belong to the Sequedin prison, near Lille.

A source close to the case assures that the facts date back to January 3, when the guards intervened for a disturbance in a cell occupied by two prisoners.

One of them, considered threatening, was then handcuffed and taken from his cell to be placed in a disciplinary unit, according to this same source.

It was on this occasion that the detainee said he had been abused.

The same source familiar with the case points out that prison CCTV footage shows officers knocking the inmate to the ground while he was handcuffed.

The complainant was also prescribed 7 days of temporary incapacity for work (ITT), according to this source.


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Miscellaneous facts

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