A 29-year-old man was tried by the court in Rouen (Seine-Maritime) for acts of harassment against his ex-partner.

She had filed a complaint on September 5, explaining that the individual, with whom she had a child, had been convicted of domestic violence and could neither contact nor approach her.

The investigators then discovered “more than 2,000 communications” between July and September 2022;


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ten months in prison

In addition, the victim reported surveillance, threats and damaged property.

The man was finally arrested last Wednesday.

During the hearing, the public prosecutor defined a “violent, harassing and dangerous” man and requested a firm sentence, specify our colleagues.

The defendant's lawyer assured that the complainant had contacted her client more than "1,000 times" in three months.

The man was finally sentenced to ten months in prison, which can be carried out under an electronic bracelet.

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