Hear in the clip what it is about burglaries among the properties in Örebro.

This week, the police, Örebro municipality and property owners meet for the second time to discuss and come up with solutions to problems that the property owners are experiencing.

- What should we do about this, how can we act, what is the role of the police, the municipality and what is ours in this?

That is first and foremost what we must try to understand, says Ulf Rohlén, CEO of Örebrobostäder, Öbo.

Other safety-creating measures

Öbo already spends large sums of money on safety-creating measures, including in a project this summer for four weeks where five students had to work on safety issues to create safer housing.

Hear in the clip what it has cost Örebrobostäder so far for safety-creating measures in the last three years.