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According to the Royal Spanish Academy of Language, "doña" is a "treat of respect that is placed before first names. Formerly it was

reserved for certain people of high social rank


And this is what the Infanta Elena has requested from a reporter when he has addressed her without her complement.

The request has taken place during a horse championship.

Doña Elena

has asked the journalists to leave her "in peace" because she had already finished.

A reporter has questioned the sister of

Felipe VI

about the state of health of her daughter,

Victoria Federica

, who had undergone an operation.

The infanta has stated: "I am not going to answer anything" and the worker has questioned about the kiss of

Iñaki Urdangarin


Ainhoa ​​Armentia


The daughter of the king emeritus has made a gesture ending the conversation and the journalist has replied "thank you very much, Elena".

Given this, she infanta has replied "Doña Elena, please, okay?"

This comment has caused a stir on social networks.

Internet users have taken advantage of the gesture to remember the problems with the justice of his father,

Don Juan Carlos

, or the slips that his children have had.

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