Last year, the monthly cost was just under ten million kroner in energy costs, and the previous month this year was kroner 25 million.  

- If the costs cannot be borne in the future, we will not be able to keep our business going, says Bo Nilsson.

Affects the green transition

In addition, the green transition is affected.

The company, which today uses approximately 80 percent natural gas and approximately 20 percent electricity for production, wants to use more electricity and less natural gas in the long term.

A project is currently underway where the company is seeking a new environmental permit to produce its own hydrogen and thus reduce the use of natural gas.

- But with these rampant electricity prices, it becomes a problem.

The green transition costs money even in the normal situation and now it will be many times more difficult, says Bo Nilsson.

Critical of the politicians

He thinks that the politicians have not done what is required in terms of the energy supply on the electricity side.

- We have not done what is needed for the infrastructure and this affects today's situation and our opportunities to achieve the green transition, says Bo Nilsson. 

What should have been done?

- More capacity should have been invested in producing electricity, for example nuclear power.