It aims to identify the social needs of the Emirate

Preparing to launch the seventh social survey in Dubai

  • The survey is the largest in terms of the size and diversity of the research sample, which will include 7,000 Emirati and non-Emirati families.

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  • Saeed Ahmed Al Tayer: "The survey contributes to following up on the achievement of Dubai's social development goals and plans."


The Community Development Authority in Dubai and the Dubai Digital Authority represented by the Dubai Statistics Center have announced the start of preparations for the launch of the seventh social survey in the Emirate of Dubai, which is one of the most important tools for measuring performance indicators of the social sector in the emirate, and the authority revealed that the Dubai Statistics Center will start field work for the survey during the month of October After completing the scheduled training for field researchers to continue until the end of this year, the data will be processed and the results will be extracted in mid-2023.

The social survey is considered the seventh largest in terms of the size and diversity of the research sample, as the sample will include more than 7,000 Emirati, non-Emirati and collective families, as well as individuals in labor gatherings, which contributes to the accurate measurement of the main indicators in general and indicators related to groups most vulnerable to harm such as the elderly. People of determination in particular.

The seventh social survey also holds special importance, as it is the first social survey to be conducted in the emirate after the “Corona” pandemic, which had different repercussions on a number of aspects of life, and polling the opinions of community members allows access to a clearer idea about the impact that the pandemic had on cohesion. family and social activities and the social activities of individuals, and measuring their views on the accompanying social, health, educational and economic conditions.

Saeed Ahmed Al Tayer, Executive Director of the Social Planning and Development Sector at the Community Development Authority, said that the social survey of the Emirate of Dubai constitutes one of the most important sources of measuring performance indicators in the social sector, and contributes to following up on achieving the emirate's social development goals and plans.

It also constitutes one of the best reliable scientific sources that can be relied upon when setting and developing policies and strategies aimed at improving the quality of life of community members.

He said: "This survey comes after a period of unconventional changes imposed by the Corona pandemic, and we expect that the information that the survey will provide will contribute to a broader knowledge of the impact of these changes on social life, as well as measuring fixed indicators that constitute a cornerstone in determining social requirements." for the next stage.”

For his part, Deputy Executive Director of the Dubai Statistics Center, Tariq Al-Janahi, confirmed that the center will work closely with the Community Development Authority in the seventh social survey to achieve its strategic objectives, which aim to provide accurate and integrated information and data that enables the decision-making process in the Emirate of Dubai, and supports social development plans in the emirate. The survey also provides an opportunity for the concerned parties to identify the most important challenges facing these aspects, develop successful solutions to them, and take proactive measures and steps in the short and long term in a way that enhances the performance of the social sector.

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