Worthy of the oath is more than ordinary

——Scanning of group portraits of "the most beautiful grass-roots police" in 2022

  The police lights flashed, illuminating the streets and alleys; the police badges were shining, watching thousands of households.

For a long time, the majority of public security police have firmly grasped the general requirements of "loyalty to the party, serving the people, law enforcement impartiality, and strict discipline", faithfully fulfilling the mission of the new era of defending political security, maintaining social stability, and ensuring people's tranquility, demonstrating their commitment to safeguarding the country's peace and security. The most beautiful "police" color.

  The results of the selection of "the most beautiful grass-roots police" in 2022 have been announced recently. A total of 38 police officers have won this honor. They are outstanding representatives of the people's police.

The shining names and touching stories demonstrate that the people's police are worthy of their oaths and are more than ordinary perseverance and responsibility.

Faith is strong and does not live up to the mission

  "This is all the old people's pension money, but they were deceived by fraudsters on the grounds of selling drugs." In March this year, the Anti-Fraud Center of Longwen District, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province received an alarm from a family member of an elderly person in its jurisdiction.

After learning about the situation, Shi Xiaojian, captain of the third police team of the Lantian Economic Development Zone Police Station of Zhangzhou City Public Security Bureau and director of the Longwen District Anti-Fraud Center, immediately led the anti-fraud special team to carry out a special investigation, and quickly determined the suspect's identity information based on the other party's account and capital flow. , and verified that it was hiding in other provinces.

On the same day, Shi Xiaojian led a team to arrest the suspect. With the cooperation of the local public security organs, the suspect was quickly arrested, and the fraudulent gang was successfully destroyed, and the defrauded pension money was recovered for the elderly.

  In the 17 years since the police, he has solved more than 1,000 criminal cases. Zhu Yunhong, a policeman of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of the Guiyang Public Security Bureau of Guizhou Province, has always had a "police battalion ingenuity".

Previously, the scene of an explosion was severely damaged, which brought great difficulty to the detection work, and the case was once stagnant.

Zhu Yunhong was assigned to rush to the local area.

Based on the fragments at the scene, combined with the description and the simulation of the power of the explosive equivalent, he restored the scene before the explosion, which played a crucial role in the later detection and trial of the case.

  When it comes to solving cases, Chen Minsheng, a police officer from the Major Cases Brigade of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of the Puyang City Public Security Bureau of Henan Province, has a strong drill.

In order to check a clue, he can stay up for several consecutive nights, or even search hard for several months, to find the breakthrough point of the case.

After the launch of "Yunjian-2020", Chen Minsheng, based on years of experience, adopted a combination of traditional and modern technology to comprehensively analyze and judge, and finally cracked a number of important cases.

  "Comprehensive mastery of the professional knowledge and skills of criminal investigation technology is the housekeeping skill of criminal technicians." When it comes to criminal investigation work, Fan Youhong, deputy head of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Luonan County Public Security Bureau, Shaanxi Province, has a unique opinion.

Today, 55-year-old Fan Youhong is still sticking to the position he loves in criminal technology, and continues to play light and heat.

  The anti-smuggling police is a team dedicated to combating smuggling crimes, fighting against smugglers all year round.

Xu Juan, Director of the Investigation Division of the Anti-Smuggling Bureau of Nanjing Customs, is one of them. She has been at the forefront of fighting smuggling for 20 years.

In handling a magnesia smuggling case, she led a team to Guangdong to successfully capture the suspect and conduct a surprise trial before boarding the plane.

In the face of the suspect's sophistry, Xu Juan started from the details and competed with her intellect, and finally the suspect explained the entire criminal context.

The case was followed up to verify the smuggling of national resource commodities magnesia and ferrosilicon totaling 127,700 tons.

Caring about people's sincerity

  From opening a "safe channel" for the masses in typhoon days, to properly handling the police situation of spontaneous vehicle combustion under the scorching sun; from the first time to fight after the outbreak, to sticking to the front line of duty in the wind and rain all the year round... 13 years of police service in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province Shi Chunxia, ​​Deputy Squadron Leader of the Second Squadron of the Mobile Training Brigade of the Traffic Police Detachment of the Bureau, carried out iron cavalry duty patrols with a mileage of more than 80,000 kilometers, and proactively discovered and handled more than 3,000 police cases of accidents and bad cars.

  Taishan Scenic Spot is open to the public 24 hours a day. Daiding is the destination and distribution center for tourists to climb the mountain. The task of the police to maintain tourism safety is very heavy.

Since the launch of the "Hundred Days Action", Zhang Lianbo, director of the Daiding Police Station, Taishan District Branch of the Tai'an City Public Security Bureau, Shandong Province, has joined forces with multiple departments on duty to adopt the mechanism of zoning, division of labor, and staggered time to increase night patrols to provide tourists with safety. Assure.

  "The police front line of the police station is closest to the masses, and can always understand what the masses need. Only by being in harmony with the masses can we be worthy of the police uniform and the responsibility on our shoulders." Su Zheng, director of the High-tech Industry Development Division of the Public Security Bureau of Hengshui City, Hebei Province Zhao Hengbin insists on deepening, thorough and refining grassroots social governance, bringing a sense of security to the enterprises and the masses in the jurisdiction.

  "If you want the police station to do a good job, you must have a good understanding of the people." These are the words of An Erbao, deputy director of the Watershed Police Station of the Wuxiang County Public Security Bureau, Shanxi Province.

Even if he is not on duty, he goes to the village every day to do homework with the villagers.

Over the past 14 years, he has worked hard without complaint. He has successively undertaken a number of businesses such as case handling, public security, household registration, patrolling, and internal affairs. He has handled more than 1,000 businesses such as replacement of household registration books, household registration relocation, and ID card issuance for the people in his jurisdiction.

  He Huan, a police officer from the Household Registration Management Brigade of Ji'an City Public Security Bureau, Jilin Province, is a "celebrity". People who have come to the household registration hall to handle business know that there is such a helpful police officer.

With a warm smile, patient words, and considerate service, she created a "business card" for Ji'an Public Security Bureau to serve the people.

In order to allow the public to understand, consult and make reservations for household registration services anytime, anywhere, she opened a "7×24-hour online service", published her mobile phone number as a "consultation reservation phone number", and set up 12 convenient service WeChat groups. Help the public understand the business processing procedures in advance and make an appointment for the processing time.

  Only when you are "always concerned about your heart" will you be "always uneasy".

Rooted in the entry-exit window for 21 years, Liang Xiaoli, the head of the Exit-Entry Management Brigade of the Public Security Bureau of Xinchang County, Zhejiang Province, has practiced the "hard work" of serving the people: relying on meticulous, delicate and extreme work style, she has ensured more than 175,000 acceptance reviews. Certificates are "zero error"; with caring, enthusiastic and warm-hearted service measures, they have won a good reputation among certificate applicants, enterprises and units.

Based on her post, Liang Xiaoli does her best to help every member of the public solve their urgent needs.

Willing to sacrifice and set an example

  "The police career has fulfilled my youth. I am willing to use my youth as a pen, with loyalty, dedication, responsibility, and the people as the ink, to compose my magnificent police life, and to defend the sacred dignity of the law with actions." Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps No. Qin Feng, director of the Qianhai Town Police Station of the Public Security Bureau of the Third Division Kashgar Reclamation District, wrote in the diary.

In early 2020, due to work needs, the Kashgar Reclamation District Public Security Bureau needed to send police officers to the border at an altitude of 3,800 meters. Qin Feng was the first to sign up.

After arriving at the duty point, he had a dry cough and dizziness due to altitude sickness, but he still stayed at his post.

Qin Feng was sent to the intensive care unit due to overwork for several consecutive days.

His first words after waking up were, "I'm fine, I can go back to work."

  "Adhere to the principle and never waver, and never let a small problem turn into a big one." Cheng Wanli, a policeman from the Air Defense Division of the Kashgar Supervision Bureau of the Public Security Bureau of the Xinjiang Administration of Civil Aviation of China, knows the extreme importance of maintaining air defense safety.

Affected by the epidemic, Kashgar implemented temporary static management in August this year. Cheng Wanli "lived alone" in the office for half a month, and the office became his second "home".

Since joining the job, Cheng Wanli has traveled to large and small units in his jurisdiction, and measured the airfield boundaries of 11 airports in Kashgar, Aksu, Korla, and Hotan.

  Green Village, Medog County, Nyingchi City, Tibet Autonomous Region is a border village located at the southern foot of the Himalayas and the southern bank of the Brahmaputra.

After Huang Jiabin, the third-level police chief of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of Linzhi City Public Security Bureau, went to Green Village as the first secretary, he actively organized party members and the masses to patrol the border, cooperated with the resident officers and soldiers, acted as the pioneer of border patrols, and assisted the resident officers and soldiers to carry out border patrols to ensure that suspects One can't get out, one can't get in.

  Spanning more than 4,000 kilometers, from Heilongjiang in the Northeast Plain to Tibet on the snowy plateau, Wang Wei, a political instructor at the Yumai Border Police Station of the Shannan Border Management Detachment of the Tibet Entry-Exit Frontier Inspection Station, stayed for 13 years.

The cold wind at the border was bleak and bleak, wrinkling his face, but it couldn't blow away Wang Wei's dream of firmly defending the border for the people.

He said that he would be like a tree of jade and wheat, rooting downwards and growing upwards.

  In the heart of his son, he is a tough guy; in the eyes of his colleagues, he is a role model of "iron police"; in the eyes of the villagers, he is a "family member".

His name is Sun Yihai, a policeman from the Guomeng Police Station of the Yandu Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province.

In a gun-hunting operation, Sun Yihai injured his left leg and was amputated from a high position, but he still took root in the grassroots, walked alone in the countryside for 26 years, and traveled more than 20,000 kilometers, leaving a moving footprint on the red hot land of Guomeng Town. , with a loyal interpretation of the oath of "people's public security for the people".

  Our reporter Qi Yukun