China News Service, September 23. According to Taiwan's "United Daily News", the Kuomintang held a press conference on the 23rd to "re-explode the plagiarism of the mayoral candidates of Lvying County! The most plagiarized objects, the papers are assembled!", accusing the DPP of Yilan County The long-term candidate Jiang Congyuan's master's thesis of the in-service special class of the International Business Department of Tamkang University involved plagiarism.

  Kuomintang Taipei City Councilor Wang Hongwei said that after systematic comparison of Jiang Congyuan's papers, there were many plagiarized objects. Excluding bibliography and citations, the plagiarism rate reached 48%.

  Wang Hongwei emphasized that Jiang Congyuan's papers were plagiarized from 8 different papers, 4 of which were completely unmarked.